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Transformation Rollers

These powerful rollers are made during Eclipse Season. From this Full Blood Moon Eclipse (November 19th) to the Solar Eclipse on December 4th, they will be charged with Reiki and draw energy from the lunar cycle. Used to heal old wounds, build self esteem and facilitate transformation.

Anoint your person as well as altar tools to facilitate growth and change. When starting new projects, when needing encouragement that you are on the right path, when doubt creeps in, as well as when you are feeling powerful. This roller will help motivate you and keep you on track with your goals. Healing old wounds and building self esteem.

Ingredients Reiki Bay Leaf Basil Dandelion Root Fennel Seed Ginger Marshmallow Root Jojoba Oil Essential Oils: Jasmine, Lemongrass, Camphor, Lemon

Blue Lace Agate: Gentle release of energy while stimulating positivity in attitude and emotion. Lifts, motivates, encourages, supports, promotes confidence, compassion & motivation.

Rhodonite: Clears emotional wounds of the past to facilitate growth, clears and stimulates the heart, grounds, balances and aids in achieving highest potential, builds confidence and dispels confusion.

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