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Super Blue Moon Energy

We just had some intense Moon Energy! This past Full Moon was a Super Blue Moon. It was number 3 of the 4 Super Moons we're having this year and it will have been the closest of them all,

giving us even more of that powerful energy. This moon was all about your intuition; tuning into it, strengthening it and showing you things you may or may not appreciate seeing. But that is the way of intuition, learning how to listen, trust it and follow it, maybe especially when it's showing us things that are not necessarily the way we want them to be. There's a reason and it may take a while to see it for yourself. That's part of what makes listening to that inner, knowing voice; not seeing immediate reason or results.

But this moon wanted to shed light on all of that. And I channeled that energy and intention with Reiki and Ritual into 2 new products that will help you tap into that energy any time you use them. Both will be especially useful for meditation and manifestation (goal setting). They will also be valuable in your inner healing, reminding you of the interconnectedness between you and the universe and helping you release things that are blocking you from accessing and/or trusting your own intuition.

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