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Grounding Oil

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

I was feeling a little unsettled, and although I regularly ground and shield to protect my energy, I needed a little more. I wanted something to rub into my skin, my arms and feet especially. The oil is also wonderful for anointing ritual tools and candles to bring continued grounding energy into my work. Candles when I meditate or on candles I use to represent myself in my rituals.

As always, made with all natural ingredients that have been carefully chosen and infused with Reiki.

Tigers Eye is grounding and protective. Being of both earth and fire elements, it helps to promote action and emotional balance.

Blue Calcite is an incredibly calming stone and also relaxes the emotional body. It has many uses but was chosen for its ability to bring its user back into harmony with the earth.

Motherwort, also called the Lion-Hearted Herb, grounds connects and anchors while motivating and protecting.

Yarrow has numerous uses. Here, it focuses on energetic awareness and connection. Also having grounding properties it recharges positive energy.

Ginger is for strength, power and awakening.

Essential Oils: Cypress, Pine and Sandalwood for their grounding energies and connection to earth.

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