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What is Reiki

Reiki is universal life energy. This Japanese technique channels that energy to relax the body and realign your energy flow to promote healing.

Reiki realigns your energy to its optimal flow so that you can heal yourself. It relaxes you and calms the nervous system, creating a safe space to let go of tension that you have built up and been holding over long periods of time. This build up can cause physical pain as well as emotional imbalance.

Reiki removes blockages that can keep you from fully accessing your spiritual gifts. These blockages can also keep you from processing traumas. Your personal goals for seeking Reiki will be discussed before treatment.

Reiki is a self-care practice on its own, but also complimentary to other healing methods such as massage, therapy and work with medical practitioners. It does not seek to replace other healing methods.

Benefits of Reiki

Increased relaxation

Decreased anxiety

Deeper, less troubled sleep

Pain reduction and faster healing

Increased intuitive abilities

Build confidence

Reduce depression and fatigue

What to expect in a session

In the beginning of each session there is time for questions and check-ins. Discussing what the goals for the session are or any particular issues that may require attention.

When we are ready, you will be directed to lay down in a comfortable, quiet space. You are encouraged to have a glass of water and a journal near by for after the session.

During a session Magan directs energy (Reiki) to where it is most needed in your body to activate your relaxation response. You may feel warmth, tingling, coolness, or nothing at all. All of which is normal. You may not feel the effect of your session until you have had a full night’s sleep. Many clients fall asleep during sessions because they are so relaxed.

When Magan is finished she will help you gently settle back into your space.

You will then discuss how the session went, how you are feeling and if you have any questions or concerns.

What to expect after a session

After a session it is recommended to drink plenty of water. You may feel more relaxed, centered and more present in your day. Or, perhaps, even less present. In which case reach out for grounding exercises. Most importantly, listen to your body. As your energy has been moved and realigned in your body it will be seeking stabilization.

In some cases, you may feel undesirable physical symptoms, like headache or nausea. This sometimes happens before the energy release and can be part of the detoxifying process. These symptoms are uncommon but when they occur it is usually an indicator that more Reiki sessions will be beneficial and are more common with those who have not experienced energy work before. They usually clear up in a day or so. But if they persist, contact a medical professional as they may not be Reiki related.

Suggested self care after Reiki

Lots of water

Walks outside in nature

Allowing time for rest

Taking time to journal about your experience and how you feel

Schedule follow up sessions. As with most self-care routines, Reiki is a practice and continues to be beneficial through continued use.

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