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Stand in Your Power New Eclipse Season Roller

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Eclipse Seasons bring powerful energy to the already potent celestial energies. Tapping into this energy and working with it from the October Solar Eclipse to the Lunar Eclipse, I used Reiki and intention and ritually crafted a special edition roller.

The TLDR version is that this roller will help you clear the cobwebs and energy that holds you back from your passions and purpose. Let go of the things that are holding you back and keeping you small out of fear. Step into your own power and see what you can achieve.


Every Eclipse seasons brings about something different, a new piece to work on. Many, if not all, are some form of transformation but this one in particular works on that deep healing that is often too much to look at, feels like too much to take on. This isn’t the “right” time, there is too much else going on…. These may be some of the thoughts that run through your head, keeping you from that deep dive into the truly healing work that holds you back.

This roller helps to remove those blockages and find your passion. Helping you recognize relationships with people, traumas and things that stand in your way, even when that something may be you.

Sometimes the hard truth is that we just need to get out of our own way, stand in our own truth and proudly own all of the space that we take up.


Heal where you are now.

A lot of this healing has to do with relationships. Where are you giving too much? Where are you not receiving what you need? Being able to identify what is going on for you is key to removing or nurturing those relationships appropriately.

Shadow Work can be extremely beneficial…

while using this roller. Allowing you to identify behaviors that are keeping you small out of fear, hindering your growth and blocking your ability to see your full potential.


Ask yourself to see where these blockages might lie, start with the obvious ones (we all have them). Are there patterns around them in your life? Where are these patterns and how do they affect your life? See if you can identify where they originated *this is deep work, so only delve into it when you are ready.*

But also realize that it might be generational or from a past life. In either case, pay attention to what your body is saying to you. It may be just as healing to notice the pattern, hold space for its origin and let it go.

Ask yourself what work you need to do to start prioritizing you and your core values.

Make a list of these core values and pay attention to when you are or are not honoring them.

When are you doing things out of feelings of obligation and a desire to please others?

This might sound heavy and maybe even hopeless, at times. And the truth is It is heavy. But it is NOT hopeless.

This is Self-Care

In the long run, this work is the nicest thing you can do for yourself. Finding your passion and the drive to pursue it? That is a true gift and who wouldn’t want to give that to themselves?

Let this time and the energy that was focused into these rollers support you.

Both celestial bodies and the healing ritual power of my guides and ancestors will be with you on

this journey.

Always feel free to reach out to me personally, with questions about this work. You do not have to go through healing, spiritual journeys on your own. In fact, this is my life’s purpose. What brings me joy and happiness. My job is most fulfilling when I am helping others on their path.

I recognize that this work is deeply personal and hold your confidence in the highest regard. But if you choose to go through this transformative time in a more private manner, let this energy bring you peace and support through it.



Organic Jojoba Oil

Essential Oils: Vanilla, Anise, Black Pepper

Green Opal- cleansing and rejuvenation. Supports health, prosperity, and abundance.

Quartz Point- focus energy on goals Clarifies emotional processing. Enhances spiritual growth .

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