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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Protection Candles for Shadow Work

This past Full Blood Moon (in May) called for something a little special. The Lunar Eclipse is a powerful time and during this chaos we are striving for balance and security. These candles were made utilizing the moon's energy while channeling Reiki, as usual, but these candles contain Black Tourmaline with strong incorporations of Mica, as well. These stones, while fragile, physically, have strong protective and healing qualities that will help guide you through difficult times.

Instead of shying away from the often unpredictable energies of eclipses, I chose to dive into it for these candles. These candles will be best used during shadow work or during intense emotional processing. This Super Blood Moon Energy will help you release the things that no longer align with your greater purpose. The Eclipse itself might have reawakened some old wounds that are begging to be looked at. The added Mica in the Black Tourmaline will aid you in this work, by connecting your energy to that of the Earth, grounding you and your efforts for healing.

Burn while meditating, journeying, journaling or during any shadow work.

This is a powerful candle that will aid you in moving forward. Your goals are attainable but there is work that often needs to be done before you can see the gifts culminating in your life. Let the energy of these stones, herbs, essential oils and that of this Full Moon Eclipse help you on your journey.

These were a small batch production, therefore, only 22 were made. You can find yours here, until they are sold out.

The Black Tourmaline with Mica increases physical vitality, emotional stability, and intellectual acuteness. It spontaneously activates a grounding connection between the first chakra and the core of Mother Earth. This is a Stone of Protection, emitting a vibratory frequency that surrounds the keeper’s energy space. The energy shield created by Black Tourmaline and mica blocks negative or exhausting intrusions into your personal space. It is also an excellent stone for those working in multiple dimensions; protecting the light being from dark entities that walk between realms.

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