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Venus (love, relationships, pleasure) will enter the fiery sign of Leo (passionate, magnetic, enthusiastic)

on the 11th, creating some potent love energy (think relationships, money and healing)


I'll be working with this oil from August 11th until Venus transitions into Virgo on August 5th to move you to a more assertive, driven, confident space.


**Magnetism, taking risks regarding romance and focus on what fulfills you.**


What else makes this ritually crafted oil special:

  • Reiki
  • Sunflower Oil- transformation, healing, promotes assertiveness
  • Carnelian- emotional balance, physical healing
  • Rhodonite- protects from jealousy and negativity
  • Sunflower Petals- bolsters your strength for assertiveness, devotion, joy
  • Rose Buds- attract love, promote healing in matters of the heart
  • Alkanet Root- bring good fortune and protect money
  • Vetiver- encourage personal growth and self-awareness
  • Damiana-enhance sexual desire and pleasure, attract new love, deepen connection in existing relationships
  • Jasmine Essential Oil- strengthen existing relationships and attract new love
  • Cardamom Essential Oil- alleviates selfishness in love, relates self-limiting beliefs, promote self-love and self-worth, balance heart and sacral chakras


*Use on your body (possible ideas, but do what you feel is right for you neck, behind the ears, run it through your hair).

*Add 1-2 dropper fulls in a warm bath. 

1fl oz in clear glass dropper bottle

Love Spell- Limited Edition

Expected to ship on August 10th
  • If you are making an order, including another product that is in stock, please make the orders separately if you wish to receive that item before this oil is mailed out on the 10th.

    Otherwise, the entire order will be shipped when the oil is ready.

    Thank you.

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