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This ritual is perfect for new home or for clearing your current space. It can be done during any phase of the moon as energy from specific moon phases were utilized in each ritual ingredient. The soy candle is filled with Reiki and intention under the waning moon and the Quartz Crystal inside is used to manifest intention.


Sea Salt, Charcoal and Borage are used to create a barrier from conflict and keep peace inside the home and were charged for three nights under the Full Moon.


The incense was created under the Dark Moon to banish all unwanted energy.


Everything comes in an intention jar with the Home Blessing Sigil. After the ritual is complete, place your Quartz Crystal in the jar. Write down your intentions as they come up and add them to the jar. Each Full Moon, take the jar outside to charge the crystal and evaluate your intentions. If they have come to fruition, burn or discard the slip of paper. If not, leave in the jar. The crystal will continue to draw energy and aid in your intention.


Alternatively, you can bury your crystal near your door (in a potted plant works). The earth will continually charge the crystal and bring the energy to your home.


Each kit contains:

Easy to follow instructions and ingredient list

Home Blessing Candle

Home Blessing Incense

Home Blessing Protection Salt

Home Blessing Sigil

Intention Jar

Home Blessing Kit

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