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A complete kit spell kit to embrace your true self. Ritually crafted utilizing Reiki and intention. Become aware of your subconscious and act from intuition. Enhance self confidence, creativity and compassion.


Made with Black Moonstone - self awareness, trust in intuition, emotional balance and regulation

Rainbow Moonstone- balance, harmony, hope, increase creative thinking and drive, manifesting love, increase intuition

Also contains Spring water, Witch Hazel and essential oils chosen for their nurturing and compassionate natures as well as protection, insight and grounding properties.


Perform the ritual during any moon cycle as directed in the instructions.


Start each day with the spray and intention. Feel free to reuse during the day as you feel called to do so.

It will help guide you in your intentions, aligning your path with the natural rhythm of life, the flow of your dreams and open your heart to the acceptance of love from the universe, yourself, and others.



Spell Kit Includes:

Easy to follow instructions


Love Yourself Herbs

1 oz Love Yourself Spray

Love Yourself Spell Kit

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