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Invocation Candles and What Makes them Special

Each candle is made with Intention and Reiki under the specific Moon Cycle that supports the purpose of the candle.

In addition to Reiki, Moon Energy and Intention, each candle has a raw crystal, herbs and essential oils that further the intent of the candle.

Invocation candles are different from spell candles in that they can be burned at any time to manifest and channel the energy in more ways to support you in your journey.

After the candle has been spent, remove the crystal and place it in your car, pocket or on your altar to continue to draw that energy to you, long after the candle has been burned.

Abundance Candles contain Citrine and are made under the New Moon. Citrine is a stone of prosperity and joy. And while the Abundance Candle can be burned to manifest financial prosperity, it can also be used to manifest goals and opportunities in other areas of your life.

Empath Recharge Candles are made under the First Quarter Moon and replenish energy that has been given to others. Empaths, teachers, healers and those that are of service to others can benefit from this candle. It contains Amethyst, a stone of intuition, spiritual connection and energetic protection.

Protection Candles are made under the Full Moon and can be burned with your protection in mind, or the protection of others, during spiritual work, travel or in other scenarios where extra protection would be beneficial. Black Tourmaline is a powerful stone used for protection, strength and cleansing. It blocks and repels negative energy.

Release Candles aid those in dealing with grief, habits and cords that no longer serve you and processing change. This candle will not make those feelings go away, but with the help of Reiki, will ease the process of adjustment. These feelings, while sometimes painful, are a necessary part of transition. Smokey Quartz grounds through troubling times, helping the transition from one period to another while relieving toxic thoughts and easing painful ones. This candle is made during the Third Quarter Moon.

I'm constantly hearing stories about how these candle have helped people. The latest was a lady, almost in tears, telling me, and several people in the shop, how the Protection Candle has helped make her feel safe in very uncertain times. She was back buying 2 more and I can't tell you how much it means to me to hear that the products I make and use are also benefitting others.

If you use these candles, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Can be purchased through and at local shops.

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