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Habit Breaker Spell Kits

We all have things we'd like to release; habits that no longer serve us.

And we have a new formula for the Habit Breaker Spell Kit, replacing Sunflower Oil with the more nourishing Jojoba Oil in the roller.

This spell kit can be used any time of the year during any moon cycle as it was creating using the energy of the Third Quarter Moon, when the moon is waning in energy. It is a great time to release energy and set intentions to let go of the things that no longer serve us.

Many of the habits that we have were created in a time that we needed them; either to help us cope or to keep us safe. When we want to release the power these habits have over us we are in a place where they no longer serve this purpose. When performing this spell, meditate on this knowledge. You are ready to release this pattern and create new ones in your life.

Set your intention and focus on what habit you want to break during the ritual. Combining your energy with the Reiki and intention set in the roller under the Third Quarter Moon

will add power and bind your intention to this already powerful roller. Every time that you want to act on your habit, use the roller. It will help release the power this habit has over you. You will notice that the habit itself will lessen in frequency until it is replaced with the roller. Use it when you think of the habit, even when you are no longer acting on it until you feel confident that you have released the hold this action has on you.

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