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The perfect starter package to try our all natural, Reiki infused sprays and our variety of spell kits in your space. Find out what works best for your customers and re-order anytime with your wholesale discount. 50% off orders over $150


All of our spell kits come with easy to follow instructions. They are perfect for beginners as well as seasoned practitioners and come with all the ingredients to complete the ritual.


Each spray contains Reiki, crystals and essential oils that aid the intention of the spray.


2 Love Yourself Spell Kits $14 Each ($28 Retail)

2 New Beginnings Spell Kits $8.50 Each ($17 Retail)

2 Abundance Spell Kits $11 Each ($22 Retail)

2 Habit Breaker Spell Kits $11 Each ($22 Retail)

2, 2 oz. Protection Sprays $7 Each ($14 Retail)

2, 2 oz Clearing Sprays $7 Each ($14 Retail)


Includes information and talking points for sales reps to assist customers.

Optional (free) 7x5 Shelf Talker to draw customers to your new products.


**Orders made by non-retail sellers (must provide reseller ID) will be refunded**

Wholesale Spells & Sprays Package

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