These ingredients were carefully selected and infused with Reiki under the third quarter moon to help you release things that no longer serve you. To lessen the hold habits have in your life.  It can be completed during any cycle of the moon as it harnessed the power of the moon when created. 


Perform this spell to bind your intention the roller. Be clear about your goal to release this habit. When you feel the pull of the old behavior apply the roller to your wrists. Your need to do this will become less and less frequent until you have broken the cycle of this behavior.



Easy to follow instructions


Tea Light Candle

Reiki Infused Herbs

Reiki Infused Roller


Herbal Ingredients

Reiki, Yarrow, vetiver, Chickweed, Bay Leaf, Skullcap, Rubbed Sage, Motherwort, Angelica, Copal Resin

Roller Ingredients

Reiki, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Essential Oils: Cinnamon Leaf, Geranium, Sage Bergamot, Frankincense

Habit Breaker Spell Kit


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