The Fall Equinox is September 22nd. This box will be mailed September 8th. Each Box Comes With:


*A complete spell kit with easy to follow instructions: Balance and Center Spell Kit with Roller. This spell was prepared and infused with Reiki and intention under the 3rd quarter moon to help bring clarity and focus to the user. Perform this ritual in the Fall Equinox to bond your energy to this roller and harness the balancing energy of the sun and moon. Use this roller throughout the year to gain clarity and balance each morning, or whenever needed.


The roller contains: Rose* infused Avocado Oil, Tiger's Eye, Amazonite, Holy Basil (Tulsi)*, Hibiscus*, Rose Buds* and Reiki. *Organic


*Crystals: Chalcopyrite (activate chakras and remove blockages. Change old habits and facilitate change. Cleansed under the Full Moon with rainwater from the Summer Solstice thunderstorm.


*6 oz Balance and Center all natural Reiki infused soy candle


* Organic Tea Kit: Large Mug, Tea Ball with Charm  and Organic Apple Spice Tea blend


*Body Care items: 8 oz all natural Reiki charged Balance & Center bath salt


*Altar Tools: Lepidolite Pendulum and altar tile and more!


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Fall Equinox Solstinox Box


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